BioClair Digestive Enzymes:  Continuation of Last Messages

August 3, 2018 - 12:20pm

Once again, welcome to our website.  This message, posted August 3, 2018, is an extension of our previous messages of July 25 and 27, 2018.  It’s really important that you read these prior messages to get the full grasp of this message.  

We would like to remind all our readers that Bryan Farnum is a highly gifted man in the field of science and beyond.  Much of what is being presented is not confirmed by science but we believe that one day it will be.  So, until we get to that point, you must use your own intuition to allow you to decide on whether or not you should consider BioClair Digestive Enzymes.

So, let’s begin.  Before we respond to unfinished business from my last message, I would like to inform you that the BioClair Digestive Enzymes can be taken just with water by themselves, 2 capsules 3 times a day, to act as an ongoing detoxifier for your digestive system and much more.  What I have discerned is that the BioClair Digestive Enzymes, when taken just with water, triggers one’s body (assuming one is healthy) to begin a physical, mechanical detoxification process.  On a science level, not yet confirmed by science, it triggers six significant reactions in one’s body to begin the mechanical process of detoxification… 

By the way, if you are a scientist and you are struggling with your own project… and you’re stuck… contact my office and I will see what I can do to help you.  It doesn’t matter what field of science it is.  There are no limits or restrictions to my ability to discern truth in science.  The only restriction that I have is, I will not support any project that is designed to bring harm to others.

Let us continue.  The six reactions triggered that begin the detoxification process are as follows:

The first reaction is the activation of five different types of amylase to begin the process.  Science knows about at least three types of amylase and maybe more, but there are actually nine types of amylase that can be manufactured by the human body. 

The next reaction is that the five different amylases trigger the manufacturing in the body of five different minerals.  We are not going to release the names of the five at this point, until we understand more. But what you need to know at this point is that, assuming this is true, this could end up being the best detoxification supplement in the world, once the science is accepted. 

The next reaction is the minerals trigger the manufacture of five different vitamins.  Again, we won’t release more information at this time.  Otherwise, there will not be anything to read next week lol.

The next reaction is that the vitamins trigger the body to manufacture five different amino acids. I did not know this.  I’m just discerning this for the first time today.

The next reaction is the amino acids trigger the body to manufacture a further five different enzymes, in addition to the original five types of amylase.

The final reaction is the five enzymes trigger the body to manufacture five different hormones. These hormones are interleukins.  Interleukins are not completely correctly understood by the science community.  But we’ll get to this later.

So, in summary of this first part of today’s message, I believe that BioClair Digestive Enzymes have incredible and enormous value in so many ways.  And as we continue to explore all possibilities, this patented formula is going to speak for itself.  It will become the #1 word-of-mouth enzyme product in the world.  People from all walks of life should be taking this, from the age of 18 and up.  


Continuation from July 27, 2018

Explain the aging process with vitamin K.

What you need to know at this point is very simple. If your body is not able to manufacture vitamin K, you will age quicker.  The number one reason for the body not manufacturing vitamin K is when one eats dead food.  Dead food is food you eat that does not trigger the manufacturing of amylase, a mineral or a vitamin.  When you eat live food, and assuming you are healthy, this reaction is triggered.  The number one type of dead food that one puts into their body is deep-fried food.  We could safely say that the countries that eat a lot of deep-fried food:  that population ages quicker over a country that does not eat a lot of deep-fried food.  

So, if you eat deep-fried food, it will prevent the triggers from taking place and that food becomes toxic to the body.  That’s where BioClair Digestive Enzymes will help you, by getting rid of these toxins afterwards for maybe five days, three times a day, with water.  Or you could choose not to eat deep-fried foods.  It’s common sense.  But even I lose my common sense once in a while lol.  And I will go for that deep-fried food.  Not often.  But when I do, I will take my enzymes afterwards.  We’re only human.  And we’re all genetically programmed differently on how we respond to the temptation of an incredible tasting deep-fried food.  So, don’t be fanatical about this.  And don’t beat yourself up.  

Dispute vitamin P (flavonoids) cancer claim

In simple language, vitamin P or flavonoids are the compounds that are responsible for the vivid colours of fruits and vegetables. Now that you know this, let’s answer the question.  Vitamin P absolutely does not play any role in preventing any type of cancer.  This includes environmental and genetically-triggered cancers.  Cancer is a very complex disease.  All cancers—and I mean all cancers—always start in the bone marrow.  Cancer, for the most part, is a type of energy.  In many cases, this energy follows the blood line. This energy is best described as a gamma ray.  

Science hasn’t been able to figure this out or even accept that this true on a collective conscious basis.  For example, if a grandfather has cancer and has this gamma ray, when he dies, it will likely end up with one of the grandchildren if there are any grandchildren.  And in every case, I can accurately discern which grandchild will get it.  But this methodology that we’re speaking of is genetic cancer, passed on through the bloodline, by way of a gamma ray.  And if you understand physics like I am capable of doing, you will know that you cannot destroy energy.  That cancer energy from the grandparent has to go somewhere.  Here is the problem:  we’re running around blindly, thinking that we can exercise and eat the right foods to avoid cancer.  If a grandchild is designated to receive that cancer gamma ray, the good diet and the exercise is not going to save him/her or prevent the cancer.  I am prepared to present my theory to any cancer conference full of scientists.  Of course, there are other environmental triggers for cancer, such as radiation which can be a form of gamma ray.  

BioClair Digestive Enzymes are there to help you live better.  They are not there to prevent a disease.  Keep in mind that a disease in the body is a chronic disease situation.  It is ongoing.  These enzymes can’t prevent that.  But they can help release uncomfortable symptoms and make you feel better.  For some, it may even help you to live longer by ongoing detoxification, keeping the blood clean and preventing toxins from building up in your arteries or other parts of the body.  However, some may have a genetic disease that triggers continual blood clots and in that case, the enzymes would not help you.

Talk about vitamin B2 claims

Here is the belief.  Some in science believe that vitamin B2 helps to break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates.  Out of these three, vitamin B2 only helps to break down fats.  And when we speak of fats, we are speaking of healthy fats.  In this case, we are only talking about flaxseed oil.  And we’re talking about unfiltered flaxseed oil.  In the case of filtered flaxseed oil, vitamin B2 does not break this down. This is why I’ve always recommended that people should not purchase filtered oils in general.  Many of the filtered oils have additives that alter greatly the overall chemistry.  We know that there are other vitamin B’s.  I don’t have time right now to get into them.  But the other vitamin B’s play a role in breaking down other types of oils. We’ll get to that later.  I don’t want you to know everything right now, because what would you talk about at the dinner table next week?  You’ve got to keep your dinner conversation going each week lol. We’ll continue this topic of B2 later. This is all you need to know for now.

Talk about the benefits of vitamin B7

This is some of what science claims about vitamin B7 or biotin: benefit the skin, nerves, digestive tract, metabolism and cells; needed for the formation of fatty acids and glucose, which the body uses as energy; used by the body to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and amino acids; important for hair, skin and nails.

Here is the scoop, based on Bryan’s discernment. Vitamin B7 plays an important role in breaking down unfiltered olive oil in the body.  This is the only oil that vitamin B7 breaks down in the body.  No other oil.  Here is the kicker.  If somebody swallows olive oil and either at the same time or afterwards takes a vitamin B7 supplement purchased from their favourite natural health store, that supplement will not break down the olive oil.  We’ll get into the whys and hows later.  But this is what you need to understand this week.  Vitamin B7 has to be triggered by one’s own body to get the health results from vitamin B7.  There is much more to share with you on this topic, but I don’t have a lot of time right now.  

I wish I had 100 other Bryans around me, gifted like myself, to finish my projects.  I’m a simple guy and I walk around and I say, “I know nothing.”  Because I walk around saying I know nothing, my gift of wisdom increases, by getting rid of my own ego.  I tell you, one’s own ego can be a real pain in the ass.  And I also believe that once you think you’ve got it right, you’ve got it wrong, meaning truth has different layers and there is no end to learning.

The rest of what science claims about B7, we’ll get to later.  Again, if we tell you everything now, what would you talk about next week at the dinner table lol?

What is vitamin R?

When we speak of vitamin R, we are not actually speaking of a vitamin R.  We are actually speaking of Ritalin that is produced or manufactured by one’s own body. I have discerned that the formulation of BioClair Digestive Enzymes in a healthy body has the potential to trigger the release of Ritalin in the body.  If one’s body doesn’t not release Ritalin at all, it potentially will cause three different symptoms.  Firstly, you will get tired easily and feel more fatigued.  Secondly, it will cause you not to be able to mentally focus clearly. Thirdly, it will cause you not to be able to retain information.  This is why many of our testimonies speak of how one’s focus has been increased and they have much more energy.  Like I said, the BioClair Digestive Enzymes will be a word-of-mouth endorsement; it will be a word-of-mouth product.  

Keep in mind, not everyone will be able to take this product as the body may not allow them to accept the enzymes.  For example, one could have a severe headache, which we have only had one case reported to us.  That led me to think about:  if one gets a headache, it has to be a warning that there’s something else going on in the body or is about to go on in the body.  So, in the future, what I am going to do is take a look at the side effects our the label and carefully discern:  if one has a side effect, what potentially could really be going on in one’s body and why?  And this will be presented beyond science, the current understanding, and in most cases, not accepted.  I know that. And hey, I get it.  This is why you need to use your own intuition.

In reference to Ritalin, many believe that it is not released by the human body.  But it is released by the body, on a yoctolevel, 10-24.

I am prepared to develop a urine test that will confirm whether or not one’s body produces Ritalin.  I know I am the father of yoctoscience.  And I will be making many notes on the topic of yoctoscience to be taught in universities worldwide in the future.  Again, I get it.  Just be patient, as we go on this journey together.


Next week, we will go over the rest of the topics from the July 27th message.  They are:

Why do some people’s bodies not produce amylase?

What diseases can you get when the body doesn’t absorb fats?

What health issues can you get when the body doesn’t digest sugar?

What health issues do you get when the body can’t digest protein?

What diseases do you get when the body can’t digest starch?

What health issues do you get when the body can’t digest leafy green vegetables or vegetables in general?

Why do BioClair Digestive Enzymes reduce or prevent lactic acid buildup?

Why do BioClair Digestive Enzymes help heartburn?

I realize that the cat is not completely out of the bag.  We need more testimonies and we need universities worldwide to research more in the area of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, etc.  

In the meantime, this is the summertime and many people take long drives in their cars.  Purchase your BioClair Digestive Enzymes for your trip or for someone who is going on a trip.  I recently came back from Florida, testing my enzymes.  I drove 16 hours with the enzymes.  Without the enzymes, I would have driven only 8 hours.  Maybe I could have done 10 hours without the enzymes, but I would have been exhausted.  But I drove 16 hours.  And at the end of the 16 hours, I was not exhausted.  That is because, on a yoctolevel, my body released Ritalin.  

And when you are driving, be courteous, do not be selfish and do not trigger any car accidents.  Most importantly, do not drink and drive.  And do not drive when you are extremely tired.  Keep your eyes on the road.  And leave the heck alone your cell phone.

To purchase BioClair Digestive Enzymes, go to https://bioclair.ca/products/digestive-enzymes

Just a reminder:  assuming you have no allergy to tomatoes, eat lots of tomatoes as they allow your body to manufacture B12.  Recently, I’ve been eating a lot of tomatoes and I have fallen in love with them.  And don’t forget our next broadcast is September 23rd.  Join us with your friends.