Conversation with God

October 5, 2022 - 4:29pm

The following is a recent conversation that I had with God. I hope you enjoy it.


Question from Bryan:  Who are you, Father? I don’t mean to ask this question with disrespect. I’m asking so that you can set the record straight. To say that mankind is confused is an understatement.

Answer from God:  LOL. I am the inventor of everything.

Question from Bryan:  What does that mean, you are the inventor of everything? I thought I was the inventor, Father… just kidding! I know you have given me all the technical information for all the patents you’ve allowed me to secure. Without you, I would not know much, particularly when you are positioning me to be the grandfather of yocto-technology.

Answer from God:  I am the one that conveys all that is to mankind, to creation, to that which has been created.

Bryan:  Thank you for that answer. But I still don’t understand. 

Question from Bryan: Are you implying that all information that is received by mankind comes from you as you being the original source?

Answer from God:  LOL. Good question. 

Bryan:  Well, it has to be a good question, Father, because you gave me the information to know how to ask the question. But I know I’m not asking the right question. Because when I was Einstein, you taught me that the most important thing for me to understand truth is to ask the right question.

God:  Yes, that is true, Bryan.


Question from Bryan:  The God that mankind identifies with, is that you?

Answer from God:  No. Bryan, you are the only one that can identify with me because I have given you the same soul as Christ in your physical body. I have given you the Christ soul to bring a higher level of truth to mankind.

Bryan:  Wow. Father, I feel like I’m naked in the centre of 7.8 billion humans looking at me. 

Question from Bryan:  How do you expect me to be accepted by at least 5% of 7.8 billion?

Answer from God:  I am the one that will help you and give those who accept my message through you thoughts of encouragement and thoughts of acceptance that what you are saying is truth. You leave that with me. 


Question from Bryan:  You know that I tried for years to get a group of 5,000 of any geniuses together to discuss life, science, politics, religion, academia, and it’s a no-show. I feel that, for these groups I’ve been trying to get together with, I am the number one person on this planet that they fear. Is that true?

Answer from God:  Yes, Bryan, you are the number one person on your planet that everyone fears.

Question from Bryan:  Why would you set me up to be in this position, that I’m going through life and everyone fears me? It seems kind of unfair for me. My response is not any disrespect towards you. So, why would you set me up this way?

Answer from God:  I have not set you up in the manner which you are thinking. I have sent to Planet Earth the one I know who can do the best job. And that is you. I have created you to have no fear. You can talk to 5 billion people at one time, without even preparing yourself for that event. And you can talk for 12 hours straight to the same group of 5 billion without notes. 

Bryan:  Yes, that is true. I have spoken in a church at McMaster University for 8 hours straight without notes. Mind you, the church was not filled with 5,000 people. But yes, I had no fear. And when I wanted to leave, the audience would not let me leave. They insisted that I speak for another hour. But let me tell you, Father, when I left, I was glad because my back was aching.

God:  I know.


Question from Bryan:  I still need to ask this question… the God that is working through me/you, are you the original source?

Answer from God:  No, I am not the original source.

Question from Bryan:  What do you mean?

Answer from God:  There are 6 more “God” levels above me. The highest God level is referred to as the Supreme God of All.

Bryan:  Wow, I did not see that coming. The thought that is coming to me right now…  Allow me to ask the question.

Question from Bryan:  Is it true that the highest level of God decides and has the power to create new universes and destroy existing universes meaning, for example, shutting down this universe?

Answer from God:  Yes, it is only at that level that such a decision is made.

Question from Bryan:  Father, does mankind actually know what a universe is?

Answer from God:  No. That will be part of your responsibility to teach mankind the truth.

Bryan:  I do accept this challenge and I do accept this responsibility.

God:  I know you do. That’s why I picked you. You do not need to know any more at this time with respect to the different levels of God. Any additional information will be provided to mankind about these different levels of God on a need-to-know basis only.


Bryan:  I would like to thank you for allowing me to lose 50 pounds. Although, I recently put on 10 pounds. And you know I was not happy with this. At the same time, I am grateful for this experience because I understand that I had to go through this experience in order to help others.

Question from Bryan:  Father, is Christ and God the same thing? From a physical perspective, where is the source of Christ and where is the source of God?

Answer from God:  As you know, the soul of Christ is in your physical body, which allows you to communicate with me directly. The source of Christ in physicality is the Sun. The source of God, who I am, is outside this universe in the centre of 144 universes surrounding me. You have a big responsibility Bryan. And don’t worry about those who refuse you or those who do you harm. For those who refuse you, refuse me. And those who do you harm, do harm to those on your planet who I am trying to help.

Bryan:  I know what you’re saying about those who refuse me and do harm… I understand your position with respect to this issue. I have, through time, witnessed your response to those who refuse me and/or do harm. In fact, I see this every day. I have learned to detach myself very easily from these individuals. And I am grateful for the full support you have given me.


Bryan:  Father, let’s move on to a much lighter subject matter…  Allow me to thank you for finally removing a protein that I had in my blood that caused me throughout my life to be on the yo-yo diet. Thank you for allowing me to get to this high level of healing in this matrix. I truly believe that if I stuck to the primary teachings of religion in general, I would not be able to heal myself through you and I would have obesity issues for the rest of my life. And let me tell you Father, obesity sucks. It really does. And now that you have lifted this protein from me, along with the third-party energy that was on me, that enslaved me to obesity, I can now move to reduce my weight even more.

God:  You are a man who is totally committed to me. You are sound in how you accept truth. I have made you to be an extremely no-nonsense person in regards to all issues that take place on Planet Earth. You are a man that is fully endorsed by me and you have been given a great deal of authority.

Bryan:  I understand, Father. With respect to authority, I take that very seriously and I will not do anything without your permission. We have discussed this before.


Question from Bryan:  So, allow me to get back to obesity. Was I born with a yocto-obesity protein?

Answer from God:  Yes, you were.

Question from Bryan:  And was that yocto-obesity protein handed down to me from one of my ancestors?

Answer from God:  Yes.

Question from Bryan:  Why?

Answer from God:  It is because, in another incarnation, you cursed someone because they played a role in you, in that other incarnation, to have obesity issues. You came into this matrix with an obligation to take on that ancestor’s bad karma because you cursed that ancestor. If you had simply let go of your anger and revenge, and not forgiven and/or not cursed that person, you would not have been born with a yocto-protein for obesity. I need you to help those with obesity issues to be healed. You also had to go through this experience so that you know that you know how to help them. Bryan, this is not even touching the surface. In fact, every disease that takes place in humans, for example, one is born with a yocto-protein and/or yocto-microbes. And in most cases, these proteins and microbes that we speak of are time-released.

Bryan:  I know from this experience that I am not to curse or forgive anyone.

Question from Bryan:  What do you mean by time-released?

Answer from God:  I refer to a time-released protein on a yocto-level that is activated, goes through a metamorphosis and evolves into a larger protein molecule that is detectable through modern science. This is what you had with your obesity issue, and through my intervention, that obesity protein is no longer in your blood. We will not discuss any more details on how one ends up with a yocto-protein at this point in time.

Question from Bryan:  Why not?

Answer from God:  Because you don’t want to discuss any more about this.

Bryan:  Yes, that is true.  Thank you, Father.


Question from Bryan:  Father, is it you who decides who gets healed and who does not get healed?

Answer from God:  No. It is the person who is looking to receive the healing who decides whether or not they are to be healed.

Bryan:  Wow.

Question from Bryan:  Are you now putting the whole responsibility for the person to be healed on the person him/herself?

Answer from God:  Yes, I am putting the responsibility on those who are looking to be healed.

Bryan:  Okay, I’m not surprised with your answer. I always felt this way.


Question from Bryan:  I have a client who recently asked me this question… If you are such a loving god, why would you have her suffer so greatly every day?  And she believes the devil is attacking her. Do you know who I am speaking of?

Answer from God:  Yes.

Question from Bryan:  Father, is the devil a real thing?

Answer from God:  No, the devil is not a real thing. It has been created through mankind to bring fear into churchgoers, for the church to have power over them.

Question from Bryan:  Father, I still need to address the loving god issue…  But were you the source of that thought to mankind, to create the devil? And if you were, which I don’t accept that you were, it just doesn’t make sense.

Answer from God:  Here, let me help you out, Bryan. Yes, it is true, I allowed that thought to take place in this matrix. However, you and everyone else on your planet had another life where you had 100% free will. It is through this 100% free will, mankind has the opportunity to go with the truth or go with false beliefs, be of the light or become part of the dark. The matrix, where you are now, is where debts are paid. But it’s not that simple. The math equation can be very complicated for man to understand. In order to understand the math equation, man has to have access to all information, which man does not have. 

Question from Bryan:  Father, what are you trying to say?

Answer from God:  The 100% free will experience is transferred to the matrix and almost mimics the 100% free will experience that you may have had. And this experience is governed by a software program that creates the illusion that this is real. And in addition, the software program in the matrix has been manipulated by certain individuals that represented the dark side. And these individuals simply made the overall human experience in the matrix worse for many people. These individuals stole from the light what is called, the “keys” to the matrix. 


Question from Bryan:  Okay, the question that is coming to me to ask you… Many of my clients pray every day. In general, in the last 50 years, those who prayed to you, were they actually praying to you?

Answer from God:  No.

Bryan:  That explains why we are so f-e-c-k-e-d up.  That explains a lot.

Question from Bryan:  So, when people pray to you today, are they, for the first time, praying to you?

Answer from God:  Yes.

Bryan:  Okay Father, I will not go deeper with the question. But I thank you for being here for the people of the world.


Question from Bryan:  So Father, you are you truly a loving god?

Answer from God:  Yes, I am. It is not me who puts one through such suffering. And it is not me who has put anyone through suffering.

Bryan:  I know that is true.


Question from Bryan:  Will you help those who are suffering to suffer less in the future?

Answer from God:  No. They must work with you to understand what false beliefs or what decisions they made to get themselves into a predicament of continual suffering. And the process may be short or it could be long and tedious. All of this has been determined on one’s behaviour from the 100% free will experience.


Question from Bryan:  What do you want us to understand, now that you are receiving prayers from mankind?

Answer from God:  Number one… That everyone is accountable for everything they say or do.  For example, if one speaks a malicious untruth, depending on the overall circumstances, they may have a chronic disease in their lungs.  If they speak an untruth that causes one to die because of the untruth, they will likely face a disease that will eventually take their life.

Question from Bryan:  Father, what do you mean by “malicious.”

Answer from God:  In the case of speaking untruths, I refer to the word, malicious, as a premeditated intent to destroy another person or persons through spoken word, when one knows that spoken word is not truthful.

Question from Bryan:  Father, is that a little bit harsh?

Answer from God:  No, I am giving everyone nine attempts to get it right, in this current incarnation.

Question from Bryan:  How can one get it right if they are not even aware of this information?

Answer from God:  I have already reprogrammed everyone’s soul how one is to behave.

Question from Bryan:  How does that work?

Answer from God:  If one does commit a malicious act by speaking untruth with the intent of destroying another, after they have done it, they will feel guilt, anxiety, worry. That’s when they know they have done something to harm another.

Question from Bryan:  So, when someone has that experience, what are they to do?

Answer from God:  They are to pray to me and ask for complete forgiveness. They are to let go of all their anger and revenge and ask forgiveness for cursing anyone or forgiving another. If they acted out of revenge, they should ask for forgiveness and, to the best of their ability, they should not do it again.


Question from Bryan:  Is the spiritual debt always paid in the same incarnation or can it be paid in another incarnation?

Answer from God:  The spiritual debt can be paid in the same incarnation or it can be paid in a subsequent incarnation. It depends on the overall circumstances.


Bryan:  Let’s talk about the human blood, Father.

Answer from God:  Okay.

Question from Bryan:  Is it true that if one does not have proteins or microbes in one’s blood that one cannot have a chronic disease?

Answer from God:  This is true, for the most part.

Bryan:  Wow! This is not the understanding of modern science.

God:  I know.


Question from Bryan:  Is it also true that all genetic, chronic disease… I mean, all… starts at a yocto-level, referring to the size of the molecule or non-molecule, however science wishes to interpret yocto.

Answer from God:  Yes.

Question from Bryan:  Is it true that most people, who are born with a yocto-protein for chronic disease, get these proteins from one or both parents or from one or more grandparents?

Answer from God:  Yes.


Question from Bryan:  Is it also true that these individuals that I speak of who had control of the matrix, placed a block that the light would not know about this?

Answer from God:  About what?

Question from Bryan:  About the fact that these yocto-protein disease markers in the blood were already there, only to become a larger molecule to bring one into 6 different stages of disease? Is that correct, Father?

Answer from God:  Yes.

Question from Bryan:  Why did these individuals of the dark do this?

Answer from God:  These individuals were the offshoot of man-made religion. And in order for man-made religion to survive, people had to suffer. They could not be healed. If people were able to be healed, religion would lose its purpose. For they only exist if people are suffering. In the past, religion has played a major influence to create wars. And religion at this time, is desperately trying to move Russia and Ukraine into a world war. And that is the driving force of the Russian and Ukraine conflict.

Question from Bryan:  So, what are you going to do about it?

Answer from God:  The answer is very easy, Bryan. I’m going to use you as an instrument to get the truth out to the world. I’m speaking of truth, in general. For your message to the world is based on a message of me, not on a message of religion. It is God without religion.

Bryan:  Thank you, Father.