Do You Need Enzymes?

March 24, 2020 - 12:12pm

Once again, I would like to thank all of you who continue to help us, particularly the ones who have been helping us by purchasing our enzymes.  In the 100% free will universe experience that we all came from, I have discerned that our BioClair Digestive Enzymes were the best formulated in the world.  No one could improve on our formula.  

I have also learned through my gift that people who buy our product have good karma.  People who don't buy it, when they become aware of it, usually have bad karma, I have discerned.

There is a lot of "fake news" advertised on TV in the promotion of probiotics and other digestive supplements.  I saw one commercial talking about probiotics, claiming their product helps to activate friendly bacteria in the body.  I discerned that this is not more than 20% true, whereas I discerned that BioClair Digestive Enzymes activate friendly bacteria by more than 90%.  I encourage university students to contact our offices if they would like to test our product.  

What I have further discerned is, it is very important to have high levels of friendly bacteria to maintain a stronger immune system, especially now for obvious reasons.  On a personal level, I would eat hot peppers.  They were so hot, they would destroy my friendly bacteria and then, afterwards, I would have bad breath.  But today, when I take my BioClair Digestive Enzymes with my hot peppers, or even up to an hour later, my friendly bacteria is being replenished.  

Not only do I have a problem with hot peppers, but I also have problem with cows' milk.  Again, I used to end up with bad breath if I took cows' milk.  But not any more.  My BioClair Digestive Enzymes have come to the rescue each time.  I have discerned that commercially sold cows' milk does not have an adequate amount of enzymes, which will increase the rate of diabetes and other related diseases in those who drink lots of it.  I have also discerned that the BioClair Digestive Enzyme formulation should always be taken with cows' milk, regardless of whether you think you have a problem with it or not.

I just wanted to share that information with you.  And again, thank you to all of you who continue to support us.