A Message to All

April 21, 2023 - 11:12am

Hello everyone.  It’s been a long time.  And very shortly, I am coming back in full strength and presence.  I had to take time to cleanse my body and cleanse my mind.  I feel fantastic and I am proud to say that I have lost 62 pounds, going from 310 to 248.  I plan to lose another approximately 20 pounds. 


As the official human representative of the Spiritual Council of the Light, World War III has been stopped.  And no man, however great, is allowed to overrule this statement without serious consequences.  These consequences are subject to the guidelines of the Spiritual Council and judgment is handed down in one’s after life.  But let me say to all world leaders:  I have worked extremely hard to change the matrix software program so that World War III does not take place.  Please do not disappoint me.  You want me on your side.  I have the gift of spoken word, that what I say will come true.  I have been using my spoken word to help many of the world leaders who have been unknowingly held hostage by a very powerful, dark and evil force. 


My responsibility with the Council is to help mankind come to their senses and remove the chronic insanity that exists among so many.  I know many of you have missed my radio shows and we are going to have a good one this coming week. 


Remember:  at this time, you are not to forgive anyone, until I advise you otherwise.  You are only to let go of your anger and revenge against another.  As I oversee this whole entire planet:  do not act out on your own personal revenge.  You must let go of all your anger and revenge.  I will help those who listen to this advice. 


I have also been given the gift of awareness on any subject matter.  I am able to confirm whether something is true or not.  I am still waiting for my potential colleagues at McMaster University to discuss the heart in detail, particularly over the subject matter where the researchers at McMaster University claim that the heart does pump.  And this is not true.  I am prepared to go in front of 5,000 experts and have a one-day research experience together and take all researchers at McMaster University beyond their comfort zone. 


Unfortunately in order to understand truth, in most cases, one must go beyond their comfort zone.  When I was Albert Einstein, I was perceived by many in academia as being highly arrogant.  This was not true.  When I was Einstein, when I was Benjamin Franklin, when I was Rudolf Steiner, when I was Tesla, and when I was James brother of Christ:  it was my gift of knowledge and my confidence in understanding that knowledge that was what most people got confused with.  And when I stand in front of 5,000 people talking about a subject matter that most people have a poor understanding of, you will observe my confidence in the subject matter and may adopt an opinion that I am arrogant.  Let me assure you that what’s coming out is not arrogance, but the love that I have for all of you.


I have also been given the responsibility by the Spiritual Council of the Light to be the number one authority for cold fusion on this planet.  I am still waiting for the United States government to contact me and make their presence known to me.  I am asking the United States government:  don’t make the mistake that world leaders made leading up to World War I and World War II.  We do not have to be a bunch of idiots and go to World War III because the United States or other western countries are being high-jacked by crude oil producers worldwide. 


I have absolutely zero tolerance for stupidity on this subject matter.  I am speaking this way because I am fed up with how the current international crisis between Russia and the Ukraine is being handled.  And furthermore, I am for real.  So, as I am for real, the Spiritual Council will allow me to speak this way.  All of the international nonsense that is going on politically has to stop now. 


Once again, I ask the United States government to contact me and let’s discuss the cold fusion project.  The individuals from the United States government to contact me must be very truthful.  I will know if the individual is truthful, as I can check how many times you have maliciously spoken a non-truth.  I do this by checking your brain neurons and asking the question:  how many times have you experienced your brain neurons misfiring?  For example, if you’ve told 50 malicious lies over the past year, you would have experienced 50 separate instances of your brain neurons misfiring.  I’m asking the United States government to send someone to me who is truthful and in a position to make decisions.  You cannot imagine how serious I am on this subject matter.  I want to help the United States government and I want to help the country of the United States.  Why?  Because the Spiritual Council of the Light has requested that I do so.


Also, by the way, the natural health and nutrition industry is all screwed up.  I am now announcing that the food we eat is actually medicine.  That means the food that we eat, in most cases, is made up of certain chemicals that, when digested, go through a scientific/mechanical process that activate a vitamin, a mineral, and much more.  We are led to believe that it is the nutrients from the plant that are making us healthy.  In fact, it’s the opposite.  The nutrients of the plant are making the plant healthy.  Now, I may stand to be corrected in the future on certain foods that have nutrients that benefit us.  But for the most part, the nutrients benefit the plant. 


Now, to all my clients:  I need you to listen up here.  To minimize Alzheimer’s/dementia, you need to have lots of butter in your diet.  Let me give you a short explanation of why.  When you eat butter, the butter causes cells in your colon to manufacture iron.  And the cells travel through your blood system with iron deposits attached to it.  The same cells travel through the blood-brain barrier and deposit the iron in the brain, helping to support the mechanism and functionality to maintain memory integrity.  Now don’t give me a headache and start asking me questions about other fats.  Butter is the only fat that does this, for now, unless I discover otherwise.  But today, we’re working with butter.


Another big discovery that I have learned about our BioClair Digestive Enzymes… And this is a direct result of one of our authentic clients who for years has been taking them every day… She told me recently that people are saying she looks younger.  So, I asked the question:  do BioClair Digestive Enzymes help people to stay young?  And the answer came back yes.  And I’ve been taking the enzymes every day and people even this morning told me I look younger.  And it’s true.  The enzymes, when digested, release vitamin K in our bodies.  Vitamin K is the single most important vitamin to maintain youth.  And our product does that.  Now, there are going to be a lot of claims that I will be making where people will say it’s not scientifically proven.  Scientists sitting around doing nothing can create a project to validate this claim. 


But I’m going to be making so many claims in the future on every level of science and I will keep the scientific community busy for years.  Even when I was Einstein, the scientific community still doesn’t really understand E=mc2, does not understand the deep level of what that means. 


And when I was Tesla, I developed perpetual energy.  I worked with magnetism.  And the Tesla car batteries are not economically efficient.  They are missing the last 20% of cutting-edge knowledge/technology.  I can help Elon Musk to perfect that battery.


As a healer, many of you have wanted to come and see me in the past, going back 26 years.  I still have the same phone number.  My office number is (905) 770-9200.  We only ask that people who have serious wishes to be helped and have good and pure intent to call my office.  We are not prepared to entertain anyone who wants to kick tires.  If you are supposed to come and see me for a healing, the only information you need to know is my name.  You don’t need to know anything beyond that.  If by just hearing my name, you are motivated to come and see me, then it’s likely that you are to see me. 


How do you know that you are to see me?  This is a tough question.  Generally speaking, those who come and see me are good people.  They give of themselves.  They don’t like to see other people suffer.  They are prepared to do something great for the greater good of mankind.  And they generally live by the rule of not letting the left hand know what the right hand is doing.  And from a physical perspective, if they are very tired in their own home, and when they go outside of their home, they gain back their energy and happiness…  When you are not liking your own home, you have dark forces in your home that are there to bring disease into your body, accidents, misfortunes, suicide…  The list just goes on.  To remove these entities is a very special process.  When I do these types of healings, I’m working very closely with the Spiritual Council.  If one believes that going on vacation is more important than investing in your healings with me, then you should not come and see me.


Also, I am seeking a major public relations company to arrange and plan public speaking events, worldwide, from a small gathering to 1,000,000 plus that will stay with me over the years to come.  We will consider TV and radio interviews as well.  Please call my office at (905) 770-9200.


I have said enough.  I am back.  I’m a different Bryan.  And I am leaving all the BS behind me.  And to the world:  you will get the straight goods from me.  You will not get any political BS from me and you will not get any political correctness from me.  I will call it the way it is.  Okay, watch out for our next broadcast coming within the next 7 days (before next Friday) and enjoy the weekend to come.





PS  Send this article to people who you get a very strong thought to send it to.  Please do not do a mass mailing to politicians in Canada, the United States and other countries.  Please only send individual mailings.