The Potential Consequences of Speaking Poorly/Maliciously against Another Human Being

June 21, 2022 - 3:00pm

I've had a lot of time to think about this message that I am so glad to give to you. Those of you who are thinking of having an appointment with me: you are the one who mostly needs to understand this message, and other messages to come, before you or your loved one sits down in front of me.  

My spiritual gift of healing is a profound gift that is difficult for one to understand, unless you have had an appointment with me. Those of you who are supposed to come and see me, you will know that this is true when you think about seeing me for more than three days, after which, pick up the phone and call my office, (905) 770-9200. Remember, there will be many more messages to come over the course of the next three months. And when I get the green light from the big boss upstairs, we will start doing the radio programs again. The bottom line:  I'm back.

Okay, let's begin the message in reference to speaking poorly of others. Here we go...

The matrix is programmed in such a way that if you continually speak poorly of others, you may end up eventually taking on the bad karma of those you continually bad-mouth. And so when this happens... when you continue to bad-mouth certain individuals, you are allowing those individuals, in this matrix, not to go through their bad karma. Some of these individuals are perfectly aware of some of the rules in the matrix, from other incarnations that they have had. These individuals have learned the art of tricking others for the purpose of transferring their bad karma to those who bad-mouth them.  It is true: if you have nothing good to say about another human being, say nothing. And also remember: loose lips sink ships.

So these individuals who have mastered the art in this form that we are speaking of, to transfer their bad karma to others: they know on a subconscious level that by continually and/or frequently making you upset, they can get you to continually bad-mouth them. They are usually very clever and they know how to push your buttons. We exist, at the same time, in at least two dimensions: one being the physical realm and the other being the spirit realm. In the spirit realm, they know they can transfer their karma to you, particularly when they know from that other dimension (i.e. the spirit realm) that they owe you bad karma. In the spirit realm, everyone has the potential to talk to everyone. In the spirit realm, everyone knows what is going on in the physical realm. Much more will be explained about this later, as time goes on.  For today, you need to know that the spirit realm is the realm where truth, for the most part, is expressed. In the physical realm, mostly BS (bad statements, not! LOL) is expressed. The reason why mostly BS is expressed in the physical realm is because the true personality of the individual in the spirit realm is using the physical realm/the matrix to trick you and others into taking on their bad karma.  When I need to know anything about a human being, I will discern the human being in the spirit realm. That's where I get mostly truth.  And that's where I mostly understand one's agenda. But if I strictly discern in the matrix/physical realm, quite often the information I get from the spirit realm is the opposite in the matrix/physical realm. Meaning, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's not always a duck.

Most individuals who have chronic high blood pressure... at least over 50% of these individuals have chronic high blood pressure by their stress levels increasing in their physical body due to continually bad-mouthing people. In most cases, it's usually just one person. But it could be up to six or more individuals. Remember: the individuals who you are bad-mouthing are intentionally, on a subconscious level, making you bad-mouth them so they can transfer all their bad karma to you. So, you need to decide for yourself. If you are bad-mouthing people, is it really worth it for you to take on their bad karma? The way that they transfer the bad karma to you is by transferring blanket energy from their soul to you and that soul and/or other entities can manipulate any stem cell or cell in your physical body to bring chronic disease into your physical body. It can also control your mind for you to have a car accident. So as I am writing to you now, I need you to pay attention and take this very seriously. I did not spend the last 24 years having my gift for people to take this message lightly.

Now, there are some people who are facilitators for the dark side who are there to encourage you to gossip about the person who you mostly bad-mouth over the years. And they too can amplify your situation and push you over the top, bad-mouthing whoever, whereby eventually, it triggers you to receive the third party soul and/or entity to take on another's bad karma. You will find that when you stop speaking poorly about others, you will become a calmer person and life really isn't that bad, for most people. By refusing to speak poorly of others, the others who you have been speaking poorly of... well, they go through their bad karma. The dark side is fully aware of this and, worldwide, they use this to their benefit, wherever and whenever they can.

Now, some of you may think it's okay for you to forgive another human being. This is a big no-no. The matrix software program is set up that if you forgive another human being, particularly if they injured you in a really bad way: you will likely come back into another incarnation and go through the karma for the person who injured you. So smarten up LOL. It took me a long time to get this, and I'm gifted. And also, instead of forgiving another human being, what you need to do is simply let God know that you have let go of your anger and revenge against another.  And if another human being asks you to forgive them, to protect yourself from taking on their bad karma, you simply say, "I can't forgive you; only God can. However, I do let go of my anger and revenge towards you." Then, once you have done that, that individual who injured you who wanted you to forgive them, may have to go through bad karma based on God's math equation, as it relates to eye-for-eye. 

But, allow me to say, you should denounce eye-for-eye and not accept eye-for-eye. Eye-for-eye comes from the dark side, not from the light side. The whole entire Ten Commandments comes from the dark side, not from the light side.  The eye-for-eye and the Ten Commandments do not give you any sort of flexibility or wiggle room to be released by God, to be released by the matrix math equation. And when I say, "matrix math equation," I am speaking of the matrix software program that we are all subject to.  

Something else you need to remember...  Unless you're gifted like I am, you will not know who is part of the light and who is part of the dark. And yes, who is part of the evil. In most cases, the dark and evil will likely have the ability to jinx you. This is why you do not let people know what you are going to do... something significant in your life, i.e. a job interview... before you do it. Keep your mouth shut. Particularly those individuals who are extremely jealous of you: they likely have the ability to jinx you. Say nothing before you do it. You will find that you will be more successful.  

Okay, that's my message for today.  And also, if you do slip up and you bad-mouth someone: just simply say, "Father, forgive me for bad-mouthing..." whoever. And then, say, "I let go all anger and revenge..." towards that person or persons. And making these statements, my friend, are your continual reset button.

For some of you who are really overweight, and you suffer with the yo-yo diet: you likely have blanket energy on you from another human being that needs to be lifted off you. I am speaking from person experience. I took on a blanket energy from another person. Through God, I have made arrangements for it to be lifted, using my spiritual gift. I have successfully lost 50 pounds. It's not coming back because that yo-yo diet blanket energy is not coming back on me again. And I have lifted other diseases off my body,. I attracted these diseases mostly as a result of forgiving individuals who harmed me and others who were close to me in another lifetime, and in this lifetime, where I performed healings on people that I was tricked to do healings on. On top of that, I bad-mouthed individuals. 

My long hiatus from doing the radio show was because I was lifting all this blanket energy off me. If I did not do this, I would not be alive today. Through this personal experience of self-healing success, I worked with Christ who works through God/the true Creator/the light (not being fanatical here, this is for real), and at times, Lucifer. I also had to get permission from Lucifer, because he is in charge of facilitating bad karma. Lucifer is also in charge of other areas that I am not prepared to mention at this time. But, if I don't get permission from all three and I do the healing, I may take on the sickness and not be able to get rid of it. Needless to say, I have a very strict protocol and I have very strict guidelines on who I am prepared and/or willing to help. I am not prepared to take on anyone's bad karma for any amount of money. So, all healings from this moment on, I must get permission from God, who is in charge of our life script, permission from Christ who is in charge of miracle healings, and from Lucifer, again, who is in charge of facilitating bad karma. So, all future clients who come and see me for healing, that is part of the process that I have to go through for each of you.  By the way, I strongly suggest that you do not speak poorly of any of these three, and you do not speak poorly of myself, as I am the physical extension/direct extension of the spiritual council of the light. And from one who gets a miracle healing: much is expected. There is no free ride.

I'm also asking all movie production personnel/writers that have these romance themes, particularly from the women's channel, to stop immediately with new film production in which actors ask another to forgive them. Those who now know this message and continue to do this will be subject to spiritual consequences. 

May God give you all greater wisdom.

Like I said, I'm back....

I thought I was finished but the Father has asked me to explain the true free will that we have.  

  1. It is only God who has 100% free will.
  2. By us letting go of anger and revenge, then our life script is changed only through God's 100% free will.
  3. When we act on anger and revenge, and when we forgive others, and we do much more... which I will explain later... we place ourselves on a continual treadmill of suffering.

I am the extension of the spiritual council of the light, and I am here to teach others what Jesus did not teach his disciples, because they were not ready for additional truth. I am here to teach the world this additional truth that Jesus did not teach all of his disciples.

Okay. I'm tired. I'm done. When God taps me on the shoulder to do another message, we will simply post it.



PS  If you're suffering with obesity, or you have a family member who is, I may be able to help. Remember, in this matrix, this universe, this world, it is mostly unkind.  And it is true that people who are overweight, particularly in the corporate world, entertainment world, acting world, public speaking world, dating world, are often pushed to the side and ignored and not loved because of their obesity. If you think that you need help and you think that I can help you, just call the office and I will discern if I am allowed to help you. Read this entire message three times. In fact, you can read this message 100 times and you will find something new each time, because it is 100% truth.  If this message were in the Bible, in print, this would be the most powerful, truthful message for one to live by.  This message is the top #1 message that the dark side does not want the light to know about because, if the light truly embraces this message, the dark will lose power over you and over others and over this entire planet.

Oops, I've got something else to say... When someone asks you if you believe in past lives, I am learning that the answer is always no, even though some people may say yes. LOL  Allow me to explain. Humans, in our genetic system, do not accept the words belief and/or believe as core truth. So when you say you believe in something, you are in conflict with your genetic program, which results in a temporary chemical imbalance in your body when you say it. And this goes for anything. For example, the Bible. If you say you believe in the Bible, you're not really speaking the truth. And once again, your genetics will not accept the words belief and/or believe as being core truth. But when you say you accept past lives, your genetics will accept that as core truth. Every human being on this planet, in their own language, when they accept something, it is a representation in almost every case of core truth. So, if you ask most people if they accept past lives, almost all will say yes, once they have had time to digest the question. However, most people who are asked if they believe in past lives, will mostly end up with a question mark, i.e. they are not sure.

I have discerned this whole entire message with the Father.  The message has been confirmed back to me as being 100% truthful and carries the full weight of the spiritual council. Those of you who are of the light: get your pendulums out and confirm that this is true.

That's it!  Have a great day!

LOL DON'T BAD-MOUTH ANYONE!!!  And call my office for any health issue or personal issue that you're struggling with. I do not do psychic fortune-telling. Please do not call the office for that. When I say this, I'm not being disrespectful to anyone. My gift is not for that purpose.

More to say, get your pendulums out and you will be able to confirm if the Christ energy is working through you. I have had many past lives. I was King Solomon. I was James, brother of Christ. I was Leonardo da Vinci. I was Nostradamus. I was Sir Isaac Newton. I was Benjamin Franklin. I was Nikola Tesla. I was Albert Einstein. And much more. And also, take your pendulum to confirm that I am the only individual on this planet that can discern any type of science and complete very accurately cold fusion technology. Anyone in the field of science who would like to bounce their ideas off me, call my office. And I will make myself available to do scientific lecture and spiritual lectures on any topic without notes. That's who I am... partly. I am a big teddy bear. I can be a joker. I don't take myself too seriously. We're just here, all actors on the stage having a human experience. And by the way, I was also Shakespeare. I have rediscerned the addition content. It has been confirmed that this information is 100% truthful.  Furthermore, for those of you with your pendulums, you will be able to confirm that our BioClair Digestive Enzymes are the best enzyme formula in the world. Tell your friends about our enzymes. They are the best in the world.