Prayer for Survival

July 27, 2022 - 1:35pm

Okay, are you ready to type? Do you have your coffee? It’s tea, not coffee.  Good. Let’s begin…

Many of you have asked me to give you a new prayer to help protect you, guide you and guide your loved ones through this current human incarnation. I dictate the following prayer with the full authority and backing of the matrix council which represents the true divine God/Creator that has the final authority on everything that happens on this planet. I am an extension of the spiritual council in human form.  I report to both the matrix and the spiritual councils. The matrix council is God outside the matrix and the spiritual council is Christ inside the matrix. My gift of spiritual healing comes from the spiritual council and is managed by the spiritual council. My gift of incredible genius science comes from the matrix council. That is where I get all of my knowledge of science on a cutting-edge level. I guess in Universe 50, LOL, I must have done something right to please the Father. Don’t ask me to predict the future; it is a moving target and I can’t make it stop.

As such, I have certain authorities, subject to the approval of these councils, to delete or implement changes in and out of this matrix. Or, in and out of this universe, meaning that I have the capability of making changes in other universes too, that are parallel to this universe. I also have a gift that what I say in favour of someone or against someone or against anything, subject to the approval of whichever council I’m reporting to at the time, it will eventually come true. I don’t want to make you think I have 100% free will, that I can just simply move my lips and something happens later. My gift of spoken word is based on action and reaction, as a result of what I experienced in Universe 50. Those of you who have been very close to me over the years have witnessed this to be true. And I don’t take this gift lightly. It’s a very, very serious responsibility that God has given me, and I do use this gift very wisely. My intent is firstly to always reduce the suffering of another. I experience great sadness when I see people get hurt. One of the greatest sadnesses that I experience is when someone takes on bad karma for someone else, and they suffer greatly.

Having said that, here is the first run of the prayer, keeping in mind that in the future, I am probably going to make some additions or changes to it. You can say, “Oh Lord,” “Father,” or whatever you feel comfortable with.  I address God as, “Father.”


I ask that you forgive me for accepting Eye for eye, sins of the forefathers, once born a sinner always a sinner, the Ten Commandments, the Old Testament, the New Testament at face value, all religious ideology that creates division between myself and the true God/Creator of the light, and I denounce all religious false beliefs and all false beliefs of mankind. Father, do you forgive me?

I further denounce all oaths, vows, promises, pledges, allegiances, protection, sacrificial, to die for, to be a conduit for, to kill for, to block for, to commit suicide for, and to make false statements for.  If I have done any of this… past, present and/or future… I denounce and I ask that you forgive me. Father, do you forgive me?

I denounce all duality with the dark side. 

I denounce all vows of chastity, poverty, silence and obedience. 

I further denounce forever damned, forever commitments, and ‘always’ and ‘never’ commitments.  

I denounce to be an empath/forward path.  

I denounce to die and for my family to die. I denounce to suffer and my family to suffer. I denounce the world to die and the world to suffer.

I denounce all anger, revenge, grudges, guilt, shame, resentment, jealousy, greed and anything else that separates me from God. I denounce all blame that I have ever had towards God.

I denounce all dark side matrix architects and matrix programmers.  All agreements that I may have with them… past, present and/or future… I denounce.  

Where I have ever forgiven anyone… past, present and/or future… I ask that you forgive me. Father, do you forgive me?

If I have ever taken on the role of God and/or the role of Lucifer, I ask that I be forgiven. Father, do you forgive me? All those who have harmed me or my loved ones… past, present and/or future… I completely let go of all anger and revenge. Those who continue to bring harm against me and my family, Father, I give them over to you.  Amen.


1.    When Christ was in human form, he never, ever forgave anyone directly. Despite all the quotes that people can find in the Bible where Christ is telling us to forgive: it is not true. These are all false statements.

2.    Any quotes referenced in the Bible between Christ and Simon Peter should be completely disregarded. It’s not true.

3.    When Jesus was alive, he had the keys to the matrix. Simon Peter helped to organize the death of Jesus, whereby he stole the keys to the matrix, which gave Simon Peter enormous power over all. In the movie, “The DaVinci Code,” the old guy with the cane talking to Tom Hanks’s character makes reference to the keys. Thus, the Roman Catholic Church was built. Don’t forget: Simon Peter denounced Christ three times, but then went ahead using the name of Jesus to build the Roman Catholic Church. I am not anti-Roman Catholic. I was baptized Roman Catholic. I’m just stating the truth. And furthermore, I strongly recommend that no one does confession in the Catholic or any religious church.

4.    At the time that Simon Peter was busy trying to get Christ killed, he was a member of the dark soul pool. He was not a member of the light soul pool. Christ knew this but the philosophy of Christ was to go through life to do no harm, let go of all anger and revenge, do not forgive anyone directly, do not forgive Simon Peter directly, and place everything in the hands of God. In part, the problem with the Ten Commandments is that there is no flexibility. For example, Thou shall not kill. It does not say that you can kill to defend. And let me give you this shocker: soldiers who go off to war and kill for their country will face coming back in subsequent incarnations to pay the price for whatever injury they did to another. And this is administered by the Lucifer council who are true, authentic bad karma facilitators for God. We are speaking of soldiers who go to war and do malicious harm to the enemy, whereby they wound or kill where it’s not necessary. So, these individuals will come back until their total spiritual debt has been paid. For example, if they maliciously cause 18 people to lose a limb, they will come back into 18 different incarnations as a civilian to lose a limb. The main disease that most people will get in this situation is diabetes. I can go on, and on, and on about this topic. The consequences of war are very severe, as we all know this. They say that the first casualty of war is truth. I say the first casualty of being born in this matrix is truth. Those of you who are spiritual evolved will agree with me.

5.    If you are in a situation in life where you need to pledge allegiance, after you have done so, you have to say to the best of your ability. This gives you an out in a subsequent incarnation, where you are not placed on a treadmill of being killed or being forced to kill someone else, and building up huge collateral damage to be paid in subsequent incarnations. 

6.    Once again, the dark side has lost control of the keys to the matrix. While they had control, they were trying to crash the world economy and desperately trying to create World War III. Now that the light has taken over control of the keys, the light will do its best to minimize the collapse of the world economy and to prevent completely, on a best efforts basis, World War III. This effort depends on what happened in Universe 50. When I say ‘best efforts,’ it basically means it’s a daily battle between the light and the dark. The light has already started removing world leaders from the stage and still has a long way to go, but will be successful in replacing dark world leaders with world leaders of the light. This is only happening based on what the dark world leaders did in Universe 50. So, they come into this matrix to go through their karma by being removed from power. The Roman Catholic Church is going through bad karma at this time and is going to go through even worse in the years to come, based on what they did in Universe 50, when they had 100% free will.

7.    Much of what is going on was already written. We have very little free will in this matrix. If someone is a bad guy or a super hero: it’s written. So, what I say to you and everyone: put on your seatbelt and go for the ride. For you to get a miracle healing through me: it’s written. For you not to get a miracle healing through me: it’s written. However, in Universe 50: it was not written. So, our good deeds and bad deeds in Universe 50 are paid in this matrix. For me to write this article: it’s written. For me to be a huge scientific genius who can potentially give the United States cold fusion: it’s written. If it is the case for the United States government to be afraid to work with me on cold fusion: it’s written. For me to like my Starbucks ice coffee with oat milk… which, by the way, is delicious… it’s written.

8.    Here, let me share with you another shocker. In Universe 50, where everyone had 100% free will, Ukraine was a much bigger country and very powerful. They did the same thing to Russia, what Russia is now doing to Ukraine with respect to going to war in this matrix. So, for the most part, Ukraine is going through bad karma and Russia is the facilitator of that bad karma. That’s why it pays not to go to war. Another shocker statement… and I’m not blowing my own horn… Those with the pendulum, get it out.  Ask the pendulum, “Is Bryan the only man on this planet who can answer accurately why bad things are happening on this planet, in any area of events and/or experiences?” And if you are doing it right, you should get the answer yes. 

9.    I asked the Father this question: for the most part, are there any good Christians on this planet? He says no, and further gave me the thought that, if there were good Christians, they wouldn’t be here in the matrix. So, the reason why I say this… I was talking to a Christian woman and she was talking about another person whom she described as a good Christian. Then I asked the Father if that person was a good Christian. So, in this case… which I haven’t done… if I wanted to find out why the Father does not think that this person is a good Christian, I would have to go into Universe 50 to find out what she did or did not do to be not accepted by God as a good Christian. No one is judging here. I’m just trying to say that I do not take people at face value. I truly believe that if the Holy Bible were truly dictated by God… which it definitely is not… it would not be so confusing, subject to so many different interpretations, which gives every lunatic a good party. That’s all I’m saying. I accept that if God dictated the Bible, it would be clear and so concise that most people who would read God’s dictation would come up with the same interpretation. Those with the pendulum, take it out again and ask the question: is this 100% true what Bryan is saying? Outside that, if you have the gift to discern and you are truly connected to God/the Christ consciousness, you would be able to confirm that what I am saying is true. But if you are discerning and you’re getting a different answer, what I would do in this particular case with the person, I would go back in time to Universe 50 and find out if that person did something such as abusing one’s spiritual gift, only to come back in the matrix to go through bad karma by not being able to receive divine truth.

Okay, I’ve said enough for today. But let me close by saying, those of you among the thousands who would like to come and see me: you need to read the above prayer three times. This is the main prayer that I do with my clients prior to lifting the bad energy off them and prior to making matrix changes that they will gladly be allowed to accept the healing. As I tell all my clients, do not tell anyone that you are coming to see me and do not tell anyone that you have seen me. Why? Because you may have a family member or someone who is close to you that has the ability to jinx your healing and/or even worse, pass bad karma to you. 

Good luck in your life journey. Do not become a fanatic. Enjoy life. Try not to be so critical of others, as we are in the matrix. The matrix is based on sowing and reaping.

LOL. So much for my closing remarks. I’ve got a lot more to say now.

The sowing and reaping is based on your other 100% free will incarnation that you had in Universe 50. This universe is a major reference point for me to discern what you did in Universe 50, only to come into the matrix and suffer. We think that the sowing and reaping is based on what we do in the matrix… that this is our only incarnation. Give me 5,000 priests in front of me and the cameras rolling for the world to witness and allow me to answer the most difficult questions that religion cannot and/or is not prepared to answer for many reasons, the main reason being if the core truth came out, they would have a very difficult time moving forward. 

Let me make it very clear here: I’m not anti- anything. I’m here to set the record straight in the areas of religion, theology studies, science, history and much more. The only way that I can successfully do this is by having the light of God working through me. I am here in a big way to answer the big question, “Why?” We need to have these tough questions answered. Don’t you agree?

I love everybody on this planet. But it doesn’t mean I need to like everyone. There is a big difference. I ask our heavenly Father, “Do you love everyone?” And he says yes. Then I ask, “Do you like everyone?” And he says no. So, these two questions are valuable to me when I meet people to help and/or to work with. If I discern a person and the Father says he does not like the person that I’m discerning, then I know that that person is going to be problematic for other people in this incarnation. Often, I will ask the question, particularly in the area of politics, “Father, do you like this politician?” If the answer comes back no, I know it’s not wise for anyone to vote for that politician. I also know that that politician, anywhere in the world… doesn’t matter who it is… will cause big problems for themselves and for others. It is now in the interest of the spiritual council of the light to change the political world stage and replace problematic politicians with good politicians. This has to be done in order to prevent World War III and the collapse of the international monetary markets.

As we move forward, embrace the intuitive side of mankind. Embrace a new way of communication. Embrace the idea that we truly, truly are not alone. Embrace the idea that the matrix council of the light knows everything about everybody. Do no harm to anyone. Do not act against your government. Do not protest. Do not riot. The spiritual council does not take these things lightly. What Putin is doing against Ukraine, and what other world leaders are doing secretly to expand this war, hoping to crash the financial markets: the spiritual council is not taking this lightly, keeping in mind, this is all based on what happened in Universe 50. Based on the council of the light now having control of the matrix, if I were a world leader and I had influence, I would be making a very strong effort to make peace in order to save my soul. But at the same time, based on Universe 50, if I was a world leader, I may not be able to save my soul because of what would be written for me to go through, the bad karma. So, it’s not like we have 100% free will. We don’t. We are actors on a stage. That’s it. So, don’t get angry with Trudeau. He is reading his lines. And don’t get angry with me. I’m reading my lines.

Those of you who are gifted to discern or have a gift from the light to use the pendulum: you will discern that this message is truthful. So, don’t take life so seriously. Put your feet up. Go for a bike ride. 

Those who are looking for appointments to have your health reprogrammed, call the office number (905) 770-9200. Be patient. It may take up to a week to get back to you.

LOL. Not being a fanatic here. The matrix is programmed that if you do ask, you shall receive. But it’s also programmed that if you don’t ask, you won’t receive. That’s the current software program of the matrix. As the matrix software programmer making changes every day to improve the current world situation, if you would like to donate to my work, the matrix program also says you will get favouritism. So, I am looking for you to donate anywhere from $100 to the maximum of what you can afford. Please call our office at (905) 770-9200. The work that I do for seven billion plus, I do because I truly love everyone.

To the government of the United States, I am prepared to meet with you face to face to discuss completing the technology for cold fusion.