Shocking Health News

July 25, 2018 - 1:30pm

Good day and welcome to our website. I’m on the highway this morning, driving and discussing Heinz Corporation being forced not to do an advertisement comparing their beans product to a regular protein shake. So, I discerned it, using my scientific gift of intuition.  I asked the question, “Is the protein found in Heinz beans superior to taking any type of protein shake?”  And to my surprise, the answer came back yes, that one is better off to eat Heinz beans than to take a regular protein shake.  My response after this discernment was, “Wow.”  

Then, my mind wandered off into another area:  mental illness.  And I asked the question, “What is the core root of mental illness in our society?” And the core root of mental illness is one being misinformed.  Then, I asked the question, “Most of the people who take regular protein shakes every day, thinking that there’s a real benefit to them, on some level, are they mentally ill?” And the answer came back yes.  

And then, my mind wandered off into thinking about tomatoes.  And I asked the question, “Do humans get any direct benefit from the vitamins, minerals, etc. that are in the tomato?”  And the answer came back no.  I was shocked.  Because this is not what the science and health communities believe.  Then, I asked the question, “If one eats a tomato, through certain mechanisms of the human body, can that tomato trigger production of vitamin B12 in the human body?”  And the answer came back yes.  And then, I asked if there are any other vegetables that can do this.  And the answer came back no.  It was not a strong no, meaning that there may be other vegetables around the world that have the same ability.  I then asked, “To get the tomato to produce vitamin B12 in the human body, must the tomato be raw?”  And the answer came back yes.  And then, “Is there any real benefit if one eats spaghetti sauce, a sauce usually cooked for hours?”  And the answer came back no.  This is a new level of discernment and it’s quite exciting, particularly to those individuals who are vegan.  Almost every one of them can source their vitamin B12 from fresh, raw tomatoes.

Still on the highway and having a discussion, it was further discerned that mankind has it backwards.  That is, we think that by eating fruits and vegetables, our body uses the minerals, the vitamins, amino acids, etc.  But that’s not true.  Instead, the fruits and vegetables—including animal meat, nuts, milk, eggs, etc.— actually trigger in our human body the possible production of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.  I know I need to spend more time on this topic.  But for example, when we eat kale, it triggers the production of potassium in our bodies.  We have it all backwards.  

And by the way, kale is excellent in preventing heart disease.  And tomatoes are incredibly fantastic in preventing certain types of vascular disease. I’m completely shocked by this discernment.  I know, after today, I’m going to be eating more beans, more tomatoes and more kale. 

Keep in mind, I need to discern the exact mechanism of how different vegetables engage with our body chemistry. We are going to prepare a booklet where I will discern most fruits, vegetables, etc. and we will make this available through purchase on our BioClair.ca website soon.  This book will be absolutely priceless.

Even our BioClair Digestive Enzymes trigger a reaction in the body that helps with digestion, which we will reveal this Friday afternoon.  I don’t have time to do it now.  But come to our website this Friday to find the answer.  

And furthermore, when we take a look at flaxseed oil, olive oil, and other different oils, they also help to trigger maybe a vitamin, mineral, amino acid, etc.  This still needs to be discerned in detail.  But again, we’ve got it backwards.  

So, join us this Friday to learn more. It will likely be posted in the afternoon.  We are really here to help those who have ears to listen.

Signing out,