Since October 2012, Bryan has been involved with his own personal research. In this time, he has successfully formulated over 150 different urine strip tests for the screening for various disease states, some natural health products that are very unique, a Chemical Sensitivity Test, a Food and Drug Safety Test, and Formula 144, a paint additive.  

Bryan researching various natural health products

Brief descriptions of some of his work are provided below:

  • As of July 20, 2017, Bryan has been awarded a full US patent on his chemical sensitivity and food and drug safety technologies.  
  • As of July 17, 2017, Bryan has been awarded a full Canadian patent on some unique personal care products including a tooth gel and a burn gel.  He also has an NPN (Natural Product Number) from Health Canada for the burn gel, which allows it to be sold.  He also has received a US patent for these formulations, dated July 2, 2018.
  • As of June 29, 2017, Bryan has been awarded a full Canadian patent on a digestive enzyme formulation.  He also has an NPN from Health Canada to sell this formulation as a natural health product.  In addition, as of December 25, 2018, Bryan has a full US patent for this enzyme formulation.
  • As of August 23, 2016, Bryan has been awarded a full patent on what he has called, “Formula 144,” essentially a paint additive with multi-use technology. With the addition of Formula 144, paints will have increased ability to withstand extreme weather fluctuations, and may be valuable for aircraft and even NASA. It could also have applications in improving silicon chips in cell phones and computers and will add significant value in industrial powder coating processes.  Bryan has full Canadian, US and European patents (registered in the UK, Germany and France) for this incredible formulation.
  • As of July 2017, Bryan has patents pending as follows:
    • urine strip tests for both non-specific environmental cancer and genetic cancer. This is can detect early cancers in the body, even pre-cancer (prior to Stage 1).
    • urine strip tests for both environmental and genetic ovarian cancer. This test is also an early detection test.
    • urine strip tests for the various cancer stages.  They comprise four pre-stages prior to Stage 0, a test for Stage 0, and then four separate tests for active Stages 1 to 4.  They are non-specific, master cancer biomarker urine strip tests.  If there is cancer anywhere in the body, these tests will screen and confirm the stage of the cancer.
    • urine strip tests for 18 separate active cancers which include the bladder, bone, brain, breast, cervix, colon, gall bladder, kidney, liver, lung, ovaries, pancreas, prostate, skin, stomach, uterus, and leukemia and lymphoma. 


Bryan has been able to successfully complete this research and filing of patents on his own over the past six years, using his gift of discernment.  One should remember that it is not easy to get a patent.  The technology that Bryan has successfully patented is unique on its own and is truly special.

Appreciation and thanks to everyone who has supported him; without your help it would not have been possible.  In the future, there will be many new technologies and patents coming forward.

Bryan researching Chemical Sensitivity Test