August 25, 2023 Message, Part 1

August 25, 2023 - 6:00am

Question: How are you doing?

Answer: Today, I’m doing great. But that feeling of greatness fluctuates from day to day. But for most days, I feel fantastic.


Question: Why do you feel fantastic?

Answer: Because today, I feel very optimistic. Because God of the Light is in charge of the matrix. Prior to August 15 of this year, that was not true. It’s been a very tough battle over the last three years, fighting the dark by myself. It’s been really tough. And now, I’m really looking forward to good things taking place on this planet, keeping in mind there are still hardships to come. And these hardships must take place on this planet to cleanse the planet.


Question: Well, what do you mean by that… cleanse the planet…?

Answer: For me to answer that question, we need to have some basic understanding of what is the matrix.


Question: Well, what is the matrix?

Answer: I honestly really don’t know LOL. But let me tell you what I think the matrix is, based on my personal experience of working in the matrix.


Comment: Okay.

Answer: Now, depending on who controls the matrix, the matrix could mean different things. If the true God of the Light is in charge of the matrix, then the matrix is based on sowing and reaping. It means going through your authentic karma, good or bad, and not taking on other people’s good or bad karma. It means that when someone is ill, on a consistent level, worldwide, miracle healings can take place. Good things can take place. Abundance can take place on a more equal share level.


Question: How about if the dark side is in charge of the matrix?

Answer: Well, okay. I haven’t really finished speaking about the matrix when God of the Light is in charge. But I will answer your question. When the dark side is in charge of the matrix, there is a 13-member dark side council. This 13-member council has been dissolved. It no longer exists. And these 13 members were working through 13 individuals on this planet. These 13 individuals have lost all their power and matrix influence. They were working through 500 other individuals. And these individuals were conduits against their will. And they were used to attack me on a daily basis. And they were used to force world leaders to take us into World War III. They were used to cause members of certain families that were of the light to take on the dark side bad karma, to try to trigger members in the family to take on other people’s cancer, other people’s suicide, other people’s car accidents, other people’s financial bankruptcy, other people’s divorces, other people’s murders and… When I say other people’s cancer, here is a shocking statement. In the last 50 years, 80% of all the people who died of cancer were of the light and they took on the cancer for someone of the dark. They got away with it, for now. But that is the truth. If you have a pendulum: get it out and verify.


Question: This is shocking!  How can this happen?

Answer: The jury is still out on this. But at face value, what has been revealed to me by the Spiritual Council of the Light, which the true Christ sits on it, and that’s who works through me…  it’s been revealed to me, through man-created religion, based on the dark having control over us over the last 1,000 years, scripture has been doctored to make us believe that we must accept “Eye for eye” and that we must forgive others, both of which comes from the dark side. It does not come from the light side of God, the true Creator.


Question: Well, how do you mean?

Answer: Once again, the dark side has been in charge of this planet for the past 1,000 years. So, the dark side would do anything to create continual lives/incarnations where they are untouchable, where they create huge suffering against mankind and they get away with it. They are known as “the untouchables.”  Today, there are no dark side untouchables. They are now all accountable for all their wrongdoings that they have inflicted on others for the past 1,000 years. They will all now suffer for the next 1,000 years. This is a significant change and it’s a warning to the dark side not to continue causing others to suffer for their own benefit.


Question: Okay, but how did they get away with it?

Answer: They have gotten away with it by convincing people to accept “Eye for eye”, by convincing people to forgive others, by convincing people to make oaths and loyalty agreements to them and by making people make commitments to die for them, and much more. But these are the primary ways that they trick the light to take on their bad karma. But having said that, if one wants to make sure that one suffers who does one malicious harm, all they have to do is say out loud that they release all anger and revenge. They do not need to go into conflict and they do not need to go into war. The world can really do harm to Putin, for example, by denouncing one’s anger and revenge towards Putin. That will make sure in his subsequent incarnations that he is punished.


Question:  What are you really trying to tell us about Putin?

Answer:  It’s not just about Putin. It’s about everyone, i.e. if a certain world leader is assassinated, we do not need to act out on our anger and revenge. We do not need to go into World War III. All we need to do is to address the issue by encouraging all to let go of anger and revenge, meaning, don’t pick up the other end of the rope. Don’t get sucked in.


Question: Thank you for answering that question.  Now, how do they trick the light?

Answer: Very good question. Before I answer that question, let me think about sipping a nice cup of coffee. Yes, that is true… hazelnut coffee is fantastic. And I must say that the people in Turkey who supply most of the hazelnut coffee, they got it right! 

And yes, it is true. Again, I was Albert Einstein. And yes, it is true I have far more brain neurons than the average human being. And people, take your pendulum out. Confirm that I was Albert Einstein and confirm that I have way more brain neurons than the average human being. And confirm that I’m not going to let anyone steal my brain this time around. Well, at least I hope I can do that. And confirm also that there is no other human being that has more brain neurons than I do. I am the real McCoy.

And further, those Christian ministers that have a true gift of discernment from the light: discern that this is true. Now, if you get a different answer, it’s likely you are receiving information from the dark side and/or you have been spiritually compromised. Oh well.


Question: So you still haven’t answered the question. How do they do it?

Answer: Yes, that is true. I know at times I do talk too much. Well, here’s the answer. Keeping in mind that the 13-member dark side council does not exist, but when they did exist, there was a member of that council who could actually program the matrix to make people believe in something that’s not true. And the last 1,000 years, they have been very successful. This 13-member council was responsible for starting World War I, and they were responsible for starting World War II, and they were desperately trying to start World War III. They will have a tough time starting World War III because they have lost all their power and all their influence from a non-physical dimension perspective. And they desperately wanted World War III to take place.


Question: How did they do this?  How did they influence world leaders?

Answer: Remember, in the beginning of this dictation that I said that this 13-member council of the dark worked through 500 individuals. These 500 individuals live all over the world. And they have clear access to the world leaders. And they send energy, in thought form, to these world leaders. And these world leaders, from the spirit realm, are told to move ahead with World War III or else. And what they like to do is threaten individuals from the spirit realm that if they don’t do it, they get harmed or their family gets harmed. The family is a big deal for these individuals. None of them have a good conscience. But they present to the world, to their friends, that they are really good people. And they can send energy directly from their own physical body or from another star.

To really try to understand how this can be done on a smaller scale, I ask everyone to sit down and watch the Apple TV+ series, “Hijack,” with the actor Idris Elba, who plays the role as Sam Nelson. Now, in this series, one man gets a group of people to hijack a plane and each one of them is threatened that if they don’t hijack the plane, a close member of their family will be killed… This is done in the spirit realm by the dark side. And they operate on the same premise. But the problem is, on a conscious level/physical level, i.e. certain world leaders don’t know that they have been threatened this way. Instead, each one of them receives an entity that controls their mind. And if they don’t do what the entity wants them to do, they are punished along with members of their family. They are punished energetically; by having a car accident, committing suicide, getting a cancer, and so on.

Now, I know I’m rambling a lot. This is who I am. But for all who have the gift to discern truth, and all who have a Christ-working pendulum:  confirm I have successfully lifted this threat that was on all world leaders. This threat is what was pushing this world to World War III. Again, this threat has been lifted. Those who have the gift to verify:  verify…  And by the way, based on our last article, I did not get one phone call from our pendulum experts to tell me that I said something incorrect. And again, to all my pendulum experts:  if you discern anything incorrect in these articles today, phone me and leave a message.


Question: Again, thank you for answering that question.  Wow!  Are you not afraid?

Answer: No, I’m not afraid. I’m only afraid of God. I have a job to do and I intend to be very successful. And the Spiritual Council of the Light will not allow anyone to get in my way. The status of the world has been very grave. Since I am the extension of the Spiritual Council of the Light, I have become a very strong, no-nonsense person. And I am looking forward to working with the United States government within the next year. The President of the United States is the most powerful man in the physical realm; I am the most powerful man in the non-physical realm. And that’s why I am a no-nonsense type of person. I have the full backing of the Spiritual Council of the Light, which they determine the fate of every human being after one dies and passes on. And with that relationship, I have influence on every human being, where they end up after they die and pass on. Again, get your pendulum out and verify that this is true. But one good thing about my authority handed down to me by the Spiritual Council is I cannot and will not act out on my own personal revenge. And that makes life much easier for me.


Question: Again, thank you for answering that question. You mentioned earlier, “A star.” What do you mean by that?

Answer: Yeah, that’s a very good question. Where do I begin? Okay so, let’s move slower. We all have a star. The star could be our own or we could have someone else’s star. But to make a long-winded answer shorter, here is the bottom line. If we lose our star and we don’t have a replacement star, we die. That’s the bottom line. So, the dark side, in the past 1,000 years, has been very clever to convince the world that the star is nothing but a star, that there is no significant meaning or purpose of a star to support life on this planet. You get 5,000 scientists in one room and ask them the purpose of a star, you’re not going to get the answer that I’m revealing in this article. They have all been dumbed down by the dark side by what is called, the architect, this individual that used to be a member of the 13-member dark side council.


Question: Can you tell us more about these stars?

Answer: Okay, let me think this out and get the answer from the Big Boss Upstairs. I just need to figure out what I’m allowed to share with you. Let’s begin by saying what the star is capable of doing. A star is capable of bringing disease into a human body. A star is capable of giving knowledge to us. A star is able to cause one to commit suicide, cause one to have mental illness, cause us to do bad things and cause us to do really brilliant and good things. A star is a facilitator of our life script. And if we go against our life script, the star can bring disease into our physical body. But the dark side can steal our own star, assuming it’s a good star, and give us a bad star. And that bad star can do really, really, really bad s-h-i-t to us. So, in other words, they did give certain world leaders a bad star that was not the leader’s original birth star. These world leaders are now rid of this bad star that wanted to take us into World War III and do lots of bad shit to us.


Question: Is this still a worry?

Answer: Good question… It’s not a worry. The Spiritual Council of the Light has shut down these stars. And in some cases, these world leaders had more than one star working through them, where they would have been forced to do some really, really bad… well, you know what. And this is why I said in the message of August 15 that my message was not a threat to the world leaders, that it was there to help them. So with the hard work in the past months, I have been successful in freeing them from these bad stars. The world leaders were given a mandate to end the war between Russia and Ukraine because it was a realistic, achievable mandate, because those bad stars no longer work through them. And this is good news for the world.


Question: Okay. So, if we are not supposed to accept “Eye for eye” or forgive others, etc., what are we supposed to do?

Answer: Okay so, I have mentioned that the world leaders no longer have these bad stars. So, let me now say, I have been successful in making sure everyone gets their original birth star back. We all have our original birth star. And some of us, like myself, we have more stars working through us, i.e. I have the Christ star working through me and much more.


Comment: You still have not answered the question.

Answer: You are correct about that. And yes, sometimes, I say again, I just run off. But it’s not me running off; it’s the Christ speaking through me. So, we all need to be patient.

Again, what I mentioned about what we are supposed to do, on a daily basis throughout our whole waking moments, is to denounce “Eye for eye,” denounce and let go of all anger and revenge that we may have towards others, and make all agreements to the best of our ability… Remember, for crying out loud: do not forgive another human being. This is firm. There is no wiggle room. And again, to avoid taking on the bad karma of those who harm you: don’t forgive them.


Question: Why is it so important for us to do this?

Answer: Another good question. Allow me to answer the question. By doing this, you prevent your star from being stolen. The software program in the matrix says categorically that we must not accept “Eye for eye” and that we must not forgive others. Only God can forgive, which is the matrix at this time. But this matrix can change if the dark was to take control of the matrix. But even that statement doesn’t make sense. This is how the dark confuses you. The bottom line: don’t accept “Eye for eye” and don’t forgive anyone. And instead, let go of your anger and revenge against everything. That’s it. You let go of your anger and revenge. That’s it. As the many psychologists say, worldwide… and I’m not endorsing psychology here… But they say, “Don’t pick up the other end of the rope.


Question: What do you mean by that?

Answer: I don’t know. Let me ask.

It means if you pick up the other end of the rope, you create your own bad karma because you are acting out on your own revenge. And if you are acting out on your own revenge and you accept “Eye for eye,” well, that’s a double-edged sword. So, you are looking at two scenarios, two possibilities. Your next incarnation, or sometimes in this incarnation, you will go through karma for picking up the end of the rope, for exacting revenge against a person. And then, if you accepted “Eye for eye” and you brought harm against that person, you come back in another incarnation to pay that debt… But there’s more. The dark side has cleverly designed the matrix software program where they, for example, could set up a car accident for you to go through. You do okay in the car accident but you caused serious injury to another. And at the time of the car accident, you accepted “Eye for eye.” Based on that acceptance, you will likely go through the same type of car accident where you are seriously injured in your next incarnation. And I will say, I’m not even scratching the surface with this information. But there’s enough information here to convince some people not to accept “Eye for eye” and not to forgive others.


Question: What do you mean by, “some”?

Answer: Well, that’s a good leading question. Our stars that we have, have a built-in software program. The mechanism that the stars use to send information to us is based on string theory. I am not going to get into string theory, but if 5,000 scientists want to sit in front of me and receive a lecture on string theory, I will do it. Having said that, once again, our stars are programmed. And so, by you every day letting go of your anger and revenge, you are actually programming your star for your next human incarnation. That’s what you’re doing.

And if you go out and murder somebody, you are programming your star for your next incarnation. The bill always arrives. The many people who are killing each other on the streets, worldwide, they now have their own authentic star back. And when they commit these awful crimes, they are programming their star for their next incarnation.

There are other stars in the matrix that carry out God’s revenge against another. And it’s not really God’s revenge on a personal level, because God never acts directly on his revenge against another. He works through facilitators. The 13-member Council of the Light are the policy makers for how one is to receive good karma and how one is to receive bad karma.

After reading this message, those who ignore this message, in their next incarnation, they only have themselves to blame when they go through suffering. Don’t blame God. Don’t be a fool. The matrix is now set up where everyone is accountable. Even the rich and powerful, they are accountable. And they too, with everything they do in this incarnation, they are programming their star for the next incarnations to follow. So, rich and powerful: be wise. Those days are gone of being untouchable.


Question: This article is getting quite lengthy. Do you want to split this article up?

Answer: Yes, let’s do that and make this article “Part 1”. Okay let’s take a break.