Solution to the Coronavirus Outbreak

February 3, 2021 - 3:06pm

Allow me to begin by saying hello.  Yesterday, I saw my shadow.  I am not in the sunlight with no prediction of anything LOL.  I don’t want to steal Groundhog Wiarton Willie’s show!  I’m back.  And we hope to get the green light next week to start doing our radio shows. 

We are asking all of you to get this information to our government, to the US government, the British government and all EU members.  Those of you who are gifted to discern truth:  you will be able to verify that I was, in a past life (among other people), Benjamin Franklin, Nikola Tesla and Einstein.  And yes, it’s true, I still don’t wear socks.  By the way, many of you who are gifted have sent a message to me through third parties that I was all three.  But this time, I’m doing everything differently.  And I’m not going to allow anyone to steal my patents this time around… or steal from me, period. 

The following article is there to bring a deeper truth to the attention of all of mankind, although it is unproven.  This deeper truth is God’s truth.  So, when one has completed reading this article, one must decide if they choose man’s understanding or God’s understanding.  The ones who choose man’s understanding and have the ability to make this right/make this happen will create bad karma, to be paid in a subsequent incarnation.  I used to say that I have no fear of God.  I now say I have a respectful fear of God, after learning why so many of us suffer, from one incarnation to the next.  No one in this matrix system is untouchable.  I say this with love.  Because life is tough, but it is tougher when one makes bad choices.

Here we go now…  Brace yourself.  Do you have your coffee?  Do you have your tea?  Do you have your water?  Have you shut the door?  Are you ready?



  1. Currently, two deadly strains (maybe more) of the coronavirus exist on this planet, that may be active. 
  2. There are potentially six deadly strains of the coronavirus.





  1. The first gene causes the virus to release gas (chlorine gas). 



  1. The second gene causes the virus to release an acid.



  1. The third gene causes the virus to release toxins.
  2. The third gene releases six different types of toxins. 
  3. The third gene releases toxins through six different stages.





The first toxin attacks white blood cells in the bone marrow by shutting down an outer energy field protecting the white blood cells.  This happens on a nano size/level and the toxin maintains a positive charge.  There are no obvious symptoms of exposure in the patient at this time. 

(The understanding of positive charge and negative charge is not adequately/completely understood by all medical and scientific professions, worldwide.  Much of this understanding needs to take place on a yocto-level.  I am among the few in the world that can explain yocto-science at a deep level, based on my overall knowledge.)



The second (different) toxin attacks the red blood cells by shutting down the outer energy field around the red blood cells.  This attack occurs throughout the body’s bloodflow system.  Again, the toxin is positive charge, at a nano size/level.  The most common physical symptom by a patient would be coughing.  But it is at this stage that the patient is contagious. 



The third (different) toxin attacks white blood cells, shutting down the white blood cells’ internal energy fields, compromising the defence system of the white blood cells.  At this stage, the white blood cell is prepped to be destroyed.  The obvious sign/symptom in the patient is a fever.  And this activity (i.e. the third toxin being released to the white blood cells) is mostly taking place in the lungs.  This third toxin, like the first two I have described above, also maintains a positive charge and is no greater than nano in size.



This fourth, different toxin attacks the red blood cells, shutting down their internal defence system, by shutting down an energy field.  It is at this stage that the red blood cells are being prepped to be destroyed by the toxins, in the lungs.  The obvious sign that a patient exhibits at this stage is shortness of breath.  Once again, this fourth toxin has a positive charge and is no greater than nano-sized.



At this fifth stage, a different toxin attacks and destroys the red blood cells and further disables all stem cells supporting general health of red blood cells.  This generally takes place throughout the body.  At this stage, the formation of blood clots can take place throughout the body and much more.  But the primary risk at this stage is the formation of blood clots.  Once again, the fifth toxin has a positive charge and is no greater than nano-sized.



At this stage, this sixth toxin attacks and destroys white blood cells and further disables all stem cells supporting the general health of white blood cells.  This takes place primarily in the lungs, but is not restricted just to the lungs.  It can have a negative impact on other parts of the body.  The primary symptom at this stage is when the patient is in a coma.  Once again, this toxin has a positive charge and is no greater than nano.

Let’s move on to something else. 



Now, let me begin by saying:  for years, I have been saying I would sit down in front of the most brilliant 5,000 geniuses on this planet, on live TV, to discuss any field of science with them.  It’s like when I walk into the room, the mice disappear LOL.  And people have to realize I am the friendly cat LOL.  So, you don’t need to scatter.  My gift of discernment, very quickly, works based on the binary code system.  You ask the question:  the answer is either yes or no.  But it is not always a hard core yes or no answer.  It could be 5% yes, but the answer is still yes to some extent.  So, when I use my binary-code gift, I have to make sure that the answer that I get is more than 95% yes. 

And computers today have the same problem.  A computer can be programmed where it has more than one result that could be close to a yes, and comparing it to another yes can cause the computer system to crash.  People in IT understand what I’m trying to say.  What I am trying to say, looking at computer language:  the computer has to be able to consider all variations and all possibilities to lead to having a 95% yes or no result.  But with patience, we can do it together. 

When I was Albert Einstein, I said to many, and it still rings true today with my gift, “The most important thing is to ask the right question.”  Because if you don’t ask the right question, you’re likely going to end up making bad choices, which can bring unnecessary harm to others and can potentially bring harm to others with the innovation of new technologies… which can then cause harm to you in your next incarnation. 

Furthermore, when I was Albert Einstein, the general population really did not understand that I was gifted.  I had the gift of universal intuition, which I have today, and beyond.  Now, I’m sounding like Captain Kirk LOL.  But on a serious level, as Albert Einstein, while I was in Europe going to school, whenever I discerned, I would look out the window.  I liked the window seat because no one could see my facial expressions when I discerned.  And once in a while, the professor would look at me and ask me why I wasn’t paying attention in class, and wanting to know if I was bored.  I wasn’t bored.  I was simply discerning whether or not what the professor was teaching was true.  And I got myself into arguments with different professors whenever I corrected them.  And my God, they hated to be corrected. 

But it was not my intent to embarrass them or humiliate them in front of the other students.  Much of what was being taught in physics was baseless.  And that was a tough experience for me, when going to university.  If my face was not staring outside the window, my head was down, discerning truth.  And at times, the professor would ask whether or not I was tired.  But I couldn’t tell the professor the truth. 

And I am so sorry that I gave the world physics to allow man to build a nuclear bomb.  I was put in a position where I could not say no.  I am so sorry.  If I had a real choice, I would not have participated in the development of a nuclear bomb.  But what I will say is, when I was Albert Einstein, I was trying to learn about God.  I was trying to understand the building blocks of God.  I did not want to be a political figure for anyone, not for Israel.  I just wanted to be a man that brought good technology to the world and a better understanding of who God is.  And that mission is still the same. 

I’m hoping to make things right in this incarnation.  I still have some work to complete from the days of Franklin, Tesla and Einstein.  I am not happy with the current battery in the Tesla.  I don’t like the idea that someone has to pay $10,000 to replace the battery.  This is a serious flaw in the technology.  I plan to correct that flaw.  And I plan to do much more. 

Even though I’m trying to help out with an antidote, in my life as Benjamin Franklin experimenting with a kite, as Albert Einstein getting a Nobel prize for photoelectricity, as Tesla coming up with certain electric technologies and now today, another question that I ponder over…  And I know I’m taking you away from the antidote and the purpose of this article.  But you, the reader, needs to know this truth.  I am now poised, in the near future, to develop cold fusion.  And I say, “Should I do this to allow the dark side of man to develop a weapon using cold fusion?  I don’t want history to repeat itself.”  But it always seems that I have a Moriarty following me, from one life to the next.  And it’s not easy when I’m trying to move forward and someone is trying to push me back ten steps at the same time. 

Even with my cancer urine strip tests, what we have found is that our soul is cold fusion energy.  And when someone has cancer, the soul/cold fusion leaves the physical body.  And it’s just hanging on the outside of the person’s head.  Cancer is the only disease that does this.  So, my urine strip test basically tests to see if there is cold fusion activity in the urine.  And if there is no cold fusion, the strip test turns from a bright yellow to a black colour.  And so, this test is a very unique test because it will show if the person has been cured of cancer.  Because even if the person is in remission, their soul is still outside their body.  It is only when they have been completely healed of the cancer that their soul comes back into the body, expressing cold fusion, and creating an overall negative charge in the urine.  And that negative charge feeds our cancer strip test like a lightbulb.  And it glows for a long time.  But can I get this tested?  No.  Oh well, let’s move on.

Another question that I ponder over, from the days of Albert Einstein and coming into this incarnation, is… and you can sense a little bit of disappointment in my question:  why the heck do we need so many nuclear bombs?  Another question, in reference to the coronavirus:  why the heck do we need so many different types of coronavirus vaccines?  And then, the next question:  why the heck would we try to vaccinate over 7 billion people with a vaccine, when the real solution is to develop an antidote and go after the people who are sick, and open up our economies right away?  Why the heck would we not do this?  It’s a lot cheaper.  And once again, I say this with love.

In my past lives, I’ve gone through World War I and II.  I’m not interested in going through World War III.  So, with respect to the management of the coronavirus, I believe the antidote is the solution, not a nuclear bomb.  I am prepared to work with a professional team, somewhere in the world, to develop this antidote.  I now understand why I did not get a single response where I reached out to the world to help develop a vaccine.  Because in the overall big picture, the vaccine was less logical and the antidote is much more logical.  If I have to work with Germany again, I will work with them.  So be it.  But I would like to work with someone, in a constructive way, in my own backyard.

And also, you know, throughout history, academia has accepted scientific theories, particularly in the area of physics, where not one of those theories is more than 20% truthful.  But yet, these theories are being taught in universities around the world as though they are truthful.  And I know a lot of professors know these theories are not entirely true, but that is all they have to teach. 

So, the vaccines, as we speak in general, are being mass-produced by different manufacturers based on partial science, not complete science.  And the problem with the vaccines (I know of one that I have discerned):  five to six years from now, worldwide, there will be a huge increase in diabetes from this one particular vaccine.  And that’s the problem.  When someone gets diabetes five to six years from now, they will not be able to prove at that time that the vaccine caused their diabetes.  And therefore, what the government is offering for compensation will not be available.  It will be a joke.  Because much of these reactions occur long after the vaccine has been given.  We’re talking permanent, life-threaten reactions. 

My good friend, Terence Young, former MP who served under Stephen Harper, he wrote a beautiful book talking about his daughter, Vanessa, who died from an adverse drug reaction.  Subsequent to her death, I believe he successfully got “Vanessa’s Law” passed.  You only have to be a Terence Young to understand the loss of a loved one due to an adverse drug reaction.  I believe that drug was banned from Canada, but the pharmaceutical company that produced the pill went on to sell this same drug in Europe. 

Developing pharma technology without conscience should never be accepted, even though those individuals in the pharmaceutical company who do this will come back in another incarnation to pay their bad karmic debt that they have incurred in this incarnation.  That’s why people of influence must also be aware that by supporting pharma with no conscience… only a conscience to make billions… they will be subject to bad karma and will have to pay the debt they incurred in this incarnation in their next.  I’m saying this with love.  And I’m trying to explain the truth to you, the reader. 

The fact is, everyone in Canada who has received the vaccine should be part of a central reporting agency so that five to six years from now, when people start to make claims to the government, these claims can be correctly assessed and the people treated fairly.  But I think it’s better to do the antidote.  Don’t you?

Okay, let’s move on.



  1. All chronic life-threatening disease states are based on one going through six different stages, until such time the patient succumbs to their disease.
  2. All strains of coronavirus proceed with six stages that most people will go through, if not treated correctly.
  3. The coronavirus is protected by as many as nine energy fields.  Now, to put everything into proper perspective, a cancer cell has five energy fields protecting it… not nine.  So, you can see how the coronavirus can be more deadly than cancer. 
  4. Each energy field has a separate conscious state.  The coronavirus, in addition to the nine energy fields of protection, has as many as three protein walls protecting the virus. 
  5. The coronavirus’s genes are protected within the structure of the virus by as many as twelve additional energy fields. 
  6. The coronavirus outer walls and inner walls of the genes are protected by a yocto-energy field.  Once again, each field of yocto-energy is made up of a conscious state.
  7. The coronavirus is airborn.  We all know this.  But what we generally don’t know is that the coronavirus can penetrate any part of human skin that is not protected.  In simple language, if you were to wear a double mask and the virus lands on your forehead, it can still penetrate the skin and that double mask is not going to protect you all the way. 

Are you getting the message now, why it’s so hard to destroy this virus?  This is why we need a very powerful antidote, to destroy all strains of coronavirus.  And we can only do this by understanding the virus.  So, get this document out to everyone please.

I use the following analogy.  You’re sitting in your seat on an airplane and the flight attendant is giving you all the safety information.  I call this the “just in case information.”  But for the most part, the information you are getting is a false sense of security.  Because if that plane up in the sky, flips on its back and starts to descend very quickly:  you’re not going to be focussing on the safety precautions.  So, wearing a double mask, when the virus has penetrated your skin and you’re on a ventilator in a hospital and you’re going through the six stages:  you’re not thinking about the double mask. 

This information is not here to belittle anyone.  And I know some experts believe this to be true.  But by these experts not telling the public the truth, they are potentially creating bad karma for themselves.  Again, I’m only trying to save people, in a subsequent incarnation, from going through bad karma.  I’m saying this with love.



  1. If someone tests positive for coronavirus, keep in mind that false positives do take place.  But if one authentically tests positive for coronavirus, the disease state in one’s body is already at a minimum of stage 2.  At this point, reading this document, go back and review stage 2.  And you may want to get yourself another drink at this point.  LOL
  • From the time that one is infected with coronavirus to the point at which they are stage two:  already four weeks have passed.  So that means, in simple language terms, before one has tested positive for coronavirus, they have been exposed to the virus for a minimum of four weeks, not 14 days.
  • However, in the first four weeks of virus exposure, one is not contagious for the most part.  I have discerned that one typically becomes contagious after the fourth week of exposure.  Setting the record straight.



So, I have recently pondered over the idea of trying to understand and figure out how to develop a coronavirus antidote that would conquer all strains, that would be safe for almost everyone.  And I asked the big boss upstairs, our creator, “Is it possible?”  And the answer came back a big, whopping, “YES.”  But the problem that I have is very unfortunate.  It’s unfortunate for mankind if we can’t figure this out. 

In my past lives who I have been, people have taken my technologies, my inventions and have become billionaires.  So, I know the Father is not going to give me the information to help mankind if I get approached by a government, a pharmaceutical, an electric company, an automobile maker, a university, and/or scientific group etc., as these groups tend to contact me with the intent of stealing the technology.  So, what God has given me in this incarnation is to reveal someone’s true intent to me in order for me to avoid making the same mistakes again.  And this information will only be provided when I am working with a group that has good intent for the world, not just for their own selfish reasons or their own country. 

But on the other hand, by revealing certain truths in this article, if this pushes the world to get an antidote right away, because they have fear of creating a karmic debt, and they succeed:  then it was worth it to print this article.  What I’m more concerned about is saving this planet.  

Working with the right team under contract, up front, I know that I will be able to discern the correct formulation for the antidote within 30 to 60 days, or 90 to 120 days maximum.  The reason for the variation in dates is to accommodate other potential third-party hiccups that are in place to make me fail. 



  1. To make everybody accountable.
  2. To save lives.  (no-brainer)
  3. To save the (world) economy.
  4. To avoid an unnecessary war or world war.
  5. To get the students back to school.
  6. To reduce suicides.
  7. To reduce marriage break-ups.
  8. To reduce crime.
  9. * To reduce a potential lawsuit to the government five to six years from now.  We don’t need to take government money and waste it away on a lawsuit.  That money can be put back into our economy and give back single parent financial support programs.  A good example of this program is autism.  Money should always be made available by the government for these types of programs.  If we can raise billions overnight, there’s no excuse why we can’t fund these programs.

And the list just goes on.



You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to come up with a better benefit list than the above.  It’s not rocket science.  The question is:  will you work with me?  A government or private sector must fund this all the way.  If you are a person who has good intent:  reach out to me at covidresearch144@gmail.com.



My final words are as follows.  I would like to remind everybody that we are not to judge and/or condemn anybody.  We simply are actors on the stage, having a profound human experience.  How this is possible, and the physics behind what makes this possible, are really profound.  This document, in no way, shape or form is an expression of me finding fault in anyone.  We are all doing what we are supposed to do, based on a human experience we had in another incarnation, where we had 100% free will. 

For scientists around the world who are highly reputable and are connected to deep pockets:  if you are interested, you can reach out to me through our email, covidresearch144@gmail.com.  When I get the appropriate, respectful response from the world, it is then that I can say we are all in this together.  But not before. 

I compliment the Honourable Justin Trudeau, all premiers, all mayors and all other civil servants, and of course all front-line workers and many volunteers across Canada who are helping the sick.  To the people of Québec:  I love you all.  And the people across Canada:  I love you all, regardless of your ethnic background.  I love all of God’s creation.

I feel very badly that the Keystone Project is not moving forward at this time.  But I do know it is God’s will for the project to move forward.  And even I say to the President of the United States, President Joe Biden:  you are aware of me, through a mutual friend.  And I ask that you reconsider the Keystone.  Congratulations to you and Kamala Harris.  I wish both of you the best.  If I can be of any help to you and your country, I will seriously consider it.  And my good friend, WB:  please make sure the President gets this.

Oh, did I forget?  One of the things that I would really like to experience in this incarnation is helping the entire planet, in a good way, being fairly compensated for our contribution and being recognized by man for our contribution.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for your help.



P.S.  It’s easier to give 50 million an antidote and keep our economy running than to try to vaccinate 7 billion people and watch the world economy collapse.  And further, putting on my Albert Einstein hat, the question I ask is:  what side are you on?